WOW! What an exciting day this has been. It started off this morning with a PR company contacting me on behalf of Philips SA and in no time the remaining 10 tickets were sold and given back to me as prizes. WHOOHOO! What an awesome sponsorship. How exciting…….not only for 10 very fortunate folk who are going to win tickets to attend fbi2011……but also for me because ALL MY TICKETS HAVE BEEN SOLD!! How thrilling 🙂

So do I hear you asking how you can go about getting your hands on one of these tickets? It is so simple….all you have to do is pop over to and follow the instructions. But hurry, you only have until 3pm today to get your entry in. Later in the afternoon I will notify 10 very lucky winners via email that they have won. Another thrilling moment for me.

Besides buying and then donating the tickets for this fab competition Philips will also be sponsoring a range of their fabulous household small appliance products for the lucky draw that is going to take place just before lunchtime.

And speaking of prizes and winning…its all win win at fbi2011. Don’t forget about that gorgeous goodie bag that each delegate will walk away with. Today is the day that my little team of elves will be busily stashing all the exciting products, that are arriving here all the time, into the goodie bags…..that is going to be great fun.  For me it’s the best part of the organizing process….unpacking and looking, oohing and aaahing over the lovely products before packing them gently into the goodie bags, knowing that they are going to make a whole lot of people really happy 🙂

My day closed with us rushing out to the airport late afternoon to meet Jamie Schler, who flew in from France, and to welcome her to Cape Town! Of course the south easter arrived just before she did so that our plans of bragging about the stunning mountain and beautiful ocean were kind of skedaddled 🙂 Jamie will be presenting the writing workshop with Jeanne Horak-Druiff. I have to tell you that she is just as lovely as her blog persona. It is so exciting to meet someone who I have admired and been inspired by and finding out that my preconceived ideas about her have been correct. I find it fascinating to read between the lines and form an opinion about the author without meeting him or her and then meeting them finally and assessing them to see how close or how far I was in my reading of their personalities. In this case I was spot on!

Jamie Schler is the author of the food blog Life’s a Feast as well as regular contributor to the Food page of the Huffington Post. She was one of 100 food bloggers selected to be published in the Foodista food blog community’s Best of the Blogs Cookbook: 100 Great Recipes, Photographs and Voices and was recently named as one of the 100 Foodies to Follow on Twitter in 2011 by the Friends Eat community, ranking in at #7!

Jamie writes the column Destination Dessert for the new daily on-line international food chronicle The Rambling Epicure, a voice for food writers from around the world.

After speaking on Writing Style & Finding Your Voice at Food Blogger Connect 2009 and 2010 in London alongside Jeanne of Cook Sister!, they, along with Ilva of Lucullian Delights and Meeta of What’s For Lunch, Honey? created From Plate to Page, Europe’s first hands-on Food Writing and Photography Workshop where she and Jeanne lead the Food Writing sessions. Jamie also writes and coordinates the Mactweets blog dedicated to the French Macaron.

A passionate baker, reader and writer, American Jamie lives in France with her French husband, 2 sons (who may or may not be home at any given time) and their Boston Terrier, Marty.

Now what are you still waiting for? Go and enter that competition already. You would have to be living in Cape Town to enter…unless of course you can hop onto a plane and get here in time for the Indaba on Sunday morning….Mango Airlines have some awesome specials on at the moment!

T minus 2 and counting,


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